The Prince’s Arts & Crafts House

Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th Century, The Prince’s Arts & Crafts House incorporates traditional British craftsmanship and locally sourced materials into the design of a comfortable and elegant eco-home.

Increasingly, the housebuilding industry has been relying on synthetic materials in the construction of new homes, frequently using mass-produced design techniques over traditional craftsmanship.

The Arts and Crafts house was built in response to this challenge. It demonstrates that it is possible to build a healthy and environmentally friendly house, whilst using traditional sustainable British crafts and local materials.




Outside and inside, the design has been inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th century. Traditional craft skills used in the house include wrought iron work, stained glass windows, decorative woodwork, handmade tiles, printed wallpaper, stencilling and slate work surfaces, sourced from the last quarry in England.

Some of the work commissioned within the house was produced by The Prince’s Foundation’s own students, and charities such as The Prince’s School For Traditional Arts. The house demonstrates how we can incorporate traditional craftsmanship into new house building, which will be essential to keeping traditional crafts alive.

By blending hand crafted work with recycled and second hand goods, such as curtains made from materials sourced from market stalls, the aim is to provide an affordable and practical solution to sustainable living for individuals and families in communities across the country.

The Prince’s Arts and Crafts House, like the Natural House, offers an ecological approach to building. Its use of locally sourced natural materials such as lime rendered walls, ‘breathable’ clay blocks, timber flooring, and natural insulation help to improve the house’s energy efficiency, reducing energy bills during the winter months whilst also keeping the house cool during the hotter summer months.