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Schools Programmes and Day Visits

Learners taking part in the STEM programme at Dumfries House will take part in a half or full day workshop designed to support them on their journey towards STEM careers and skills

While we don’t anticipate that every learner who meets us will go on to a career in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, we want to make sure that it is a pathway that is open and accessible to all.

Depending on when learners come to us in their school journey they could be introduced to basic STEM concepts such as forces or energy, to build strong STEM foundations. Through our workshops, they could explore the range of exciting STEM careers in industry linked activity and hands on work. Older learners will be introduced to real-world STEM challenges, and apply the softer skills of problem-solving and innovation to questions on flooding, space junk or green energy technology.

Our enthusiastic partners and supporters in various STEM industries such energy technology and aerospace assist us in bringing together young people with real STEM professionals, giving them the chance to discover what a career in these industries might look like, and make real world links that could support them through a career in STEM.

Our aim is that through working with us schools can provide their pupils with strong STEM foundations and experiences, gain a wealth of knowledge on future opportunities and develop the skills and tools to be able to realise those ambitions. An understanding and appreciation of STEM can support the future workforce to excel and innovate regardless of whether they pursue a career in STEM industry or not.

Many of our STEM workshops and activities covers themes of sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development goals. Our focus on sustainability is directed as the ability to provide for the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation, and this covers sustainability in all areas, from environmental to economic and social. We all have a role to play in living responsibly and our hope is that a future work force with knowledge, confidence and understanding of STEM will be well placed to do so.

We work in partnership with the Engineering Development Trust (EDT). To offer recognition of the skills developed, pupils can gain an Industrial Cadet Challenger Award by taking part in an industry, STEM ambassador supported, workshop aimed at upper primary pupils. The Industrial Cadets (IC) programme aims to raise awareness of local career opportunities in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, developing employability skills and raising the aspirations of young people.

Secondary pupils can gain an Industrial Cadet Bronze award through a linked series of five-day workshops taken across an academic term or as residential experience. This award links directly to careers in the industry and pupils will have an opportunity to meet with employers and visit manufacturers as well as undertaking a project on the estate. Please enquire direct for course fees and availability for the Bronze award.

We cater for class sizes up to 30 with a minimum booking of 12. Materials are charged at £4 per child

Duration: Duration: Daily during the academic year. Monday – Friday 10am to 2pm.

Application information: To book a visit Eventbrite.

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