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"Ever since the earth was formed more than four billion years ago, its temperature has been changing. This is because a gas in the air called carbon dioxide captures heat from the sun. It works like a blanket, keeping the earth warm. With too little carbon dioxide in the air, the earth gets colder, with glaciers stretching halfway round the world. With too much carbon dioxide, the earth gets warmer: the ice melts and floods onto the land. Carbon, one of the elements in carbon dioxide, is also found in living things. When they die, their bodies break down and the carbon in them releases back into the soil and the oceans."

We are all living through climate change and it is important our young people understand the science behind this process. Many of our STEM workshops explore how to properly observe the changes in nature using all the senses as well as technology to see the unseen.

Recognising a problem, its causes and its effect is the first step to finding solutions. In terms of how that approach relates with education here, we take opportunities to learn in and from nature in any subject. Teaching STEM outdoors, we aim to encourage a sense of belonging, wonderment and stewardship towards the planet and the natural environment. To be able to balance classroom learning with hands-on activities and being out in nature is vital for a young person's understanding.

◼ The Prince's Foundation has launched a new programme of education activity to link to the publication of It's Up To Us, a children's Terra Carta. The book explains the situation our planet is in and outlines all the amazing steps children can take for a better future for our planet. To find out more about STEM education programmes available to your school, click here.


Our education team have compiled a series of engaging activities for young people to explore this theme, which can be accessed below. We will regularly be adding to these, so keep checking back!

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