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School and day visit Programmes

Our day visit programme for schools is offered on a seasonal cycle with opportunities to spend time with the various animals including cows, sheep, geese, ducks, turkeys, hens and pigs.

Pupils will be able to understand where their food comes as well as how the by-products such as wool are used.

Pupils will develop a sense of empathy as they spend time with the animals and many pupils find the experience positive for their mental wellbeing as they develop an understanding of our senses and how we interact with and react to the world around us.

Linked activity day packages are available to broaden pupils' understanding of the principles of sustainable food and farming with our education garden or STEM centre.

We cater for class sizes up to 30 with a minimum booking of 10. Materials are charged at £4 per child.

We also offer a specially designed programme lasting a full year, The Chicken and The Egg, which lets pupils experience looking after their own coop of chickens on-site over an academic year with 10 visits to learn about the different aspects of looking after the animals. On completion of the programme the pupil group and the teachers attending will be able to design and implement a school chicken coop with their own rare breed hens.

This programme is ideal for supporting personal growth as well as addressing issues around food poverty and cooking. The eggs can be collected by the school and used in various classes to teach healthy eating or science activities. Each child completes a diary with instructions, and should the school wish to continue the programme we encourage each child to mentor a younger pupil to enable a process of ‘learn, practice, teach.’

We cater for class sizes up to 30 with a minimum booking of 10. Materials are charged at £4 per child.

Course fees available on request.

Duration: Daily during the academic year.

Chicken and Egg – delivery dates by arrangement

Times and days: 10am to 2pm, Tuesday to Friday
Application Information: Book via Eventbrite